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YouDeparted Newsletter, May 2007

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From the CEO
Setting up your Account
Take Your Time
Get Your Attorney Involved

From the CEO:
Welcome to YouDeparted newsletter. Our goal is to make this newsletter informative and interesting. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and we always return emails. Just use the contact form inside your account to let us know your thoughts. Thanks for your support!

Collin Harris

Setting up your Account
Make sure you read the Getting Started Guide. For more information, visit the Getting Started.

Take Your Time
There is no reason to hurry setting up your account. Take your time and read through the help.

All of the entries first come up with a template you can use to organize the information you want to enter. These templates are optional and by selecting the template, you can then delete it. I often take a look at the template first to remind me of what I should enter.

Get Your Attorney Involved
Since this information will be so important, you may wish to copy some of your entries and let your attorney review them. Estate attorneys have the experience to help you setup important sections of your account.