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Choosing Your Secret Key

Your Secret Key decrypts (i.e. unscrambles) the data stored in your YouDeparted account, and is required when you login in addition to your Username and Password.

If you choose your own Secret Key (instead of letting us generate a complicated one for you), you should try to create one that is incredibly hard to guess while at the same time memorable to you.

Follow these guidelines when choosing your Secret Key:

  • It should be known only to you
  • Long enough to be secure (we recommend a minimum of 10 characters, but allow as few as 6)
  • Hard to guess -- even by someone who knows you well
  • Easy for you to remember
  • Easy for you to type accurately

Your Secret Key is based on the concept of a Passphrase (different than a Password). For more information about choosing a Secret Key and how they work, visit this Wikipedia article about Passphrases here.