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Help Index for YouDeparted

Here you will find links to all of our help sections, sorted by type. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us.
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Affiliate Terms & Conditions - The terms and conditions of becoming a YouDeparted affiliate and earning $10 per person you sign up.

Auto-generate Your Secret Key - Information about letting YouDeparted auto-generate a Secret Key for you rather than creating your own.

Changing your Secret Key - How to change your Secret Key and what the process involves.

Choosing a Secret Key - How to choose your Secret Key when signing up and if you want to change it.

Creating Entries - How to create the entries that will be sent to your Recipients after you pass away.

CVV Security Code - Where to find this code when registering.

Delete Your Account - Deleting your account from YouDeparted.

Emails to Non-Members - Explains to people receiving email for a member why they are getting that email.

FAQ - The YouDeparted Frequently Asked Questions.

Files - Upload, manage and add files to your account.

Getting Started Guide - A guide for first time users of YouDeparted.

Gifts and Wills - Can you specify Gifts in YouDeparted?.

Glossary - Definitions for specific terms used at YouDeparted.

How to Pay with PayPal - How to register using PayPal.

Letters - Send real printed physical mail using this service.

Messages - Information about the Messages category which is used to communicate between the account holder and Recipients.

Overview - A brief overview of the YouDeparted service.

Privacy Policy - We will NEVER share your personal information. Read more about our policy here.

Promotional Codes - How to use a promotional code to get a discount at YouDeparted.

Recipient Unlocking Help - A guide for Recipients how to unlock an account.

Recipients - About adding and editing your Recipients and what they do.

Relock Account - Used if your account is accidentally unlocked by one of your Recipients.

Reminder Emails - Set up automatic email reminders on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or one time reminder.

Select Multiple Recipients - How to select multiple Recipients for a single entry.

Storage - What is the difference between 1GB, 2GB and 5GB of storage?

Strong Passwords - How to create strong passwords to keep your data safe.

Terms of Service - The terms of service for YouDeparted members.

Time Delay - Once your account is unlocked, how long to delay before your information is released.

Time Zone - This sets the local time for your account.

Unlocking Example - Example unlocking situations.

Unlocking Your Account - How your information is released to your Recipients.

Verification of Recipients - Recipients should sign in and verify the login information you sent them is valid.