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How it Works
  1. Overview
    First you must sign up for the service. Next, you decide on the Recipients of the information you are storing at YouDeparted. There are different categories of information such as Insurance, Finance, Passwords, etc. where you enter information for your recipients. For each entry, you can select which Recipient(s) will see this information once you have passed away.

    For example, you could specify an Insurance Policy to be available to Recipient A. Only Recipient A will be able to see this information after you are gone. Our site also gives you the capability to send emails and mail physical letters to whoever you like. We call your entire document the Plan.

  2. Unlocking the Account
    Upon your passing, your chosen Recipients will have the information they need to unlock your account. You can specify as many Recipients as you like and also set a minimum number of Recipients who need to unlock the account.

    Say you have three Recipients. We will call them Wife, Daughter and Attorney. In your plan, you have specified all three must verify you have died or your plan will stay locked. For example, if the Wife and Daughter try to unlock the account, but the Attorney will not, the plan will stay locked. If you have specified only two Recipients to unlock the account, then any two Recipients can unlock your account. Obviously you want to trust your Recipients and we advise having a disinterested third party as a Recipient should you have family issues.

  3. Delivery of Information
    Once the plan has been unlocked, each Recipient will only have access to the information you have chosen for them. Any emails will be sent. Letters will be sent by a third party service and physically mailed by the next business day. The plan information will remain on our server for up to one year once the plan has been unlocked and can be viewed by the Recipients at any time during this period.

  4. Security
    We have taken extraordinary measures to ensure your information is safe. To log into the site, you will need a username, password and special key. This special key is used to encrypt your data. We use the same encryption strength as the United States government does for storing highly classified information. We do not have a copy of your secret key and cannot read your information. The downside is if you lose your secret key, you will need to create a new account as nobody will be able to decrypt the information you have stored without the secret key. Make sure you keep copies of your username, password and secret key in a safe place!