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How to unlock a YouDeparted member's account after they have passed away.

You will need to obtain your Username, Password, and Secret Key from the account holder to login to your Recipient Management Center.
Please keep your login information safe and we recommend storing the information in a safety deposit box.

Starting the Unlock Process In the Recipient Management Center,click the Unlock button.

Click Unlock.

Three Possible Outcomes

  1. Not enough Recipients have tried to Unlock the account.
    YouDeparted members specify how many Recipients it takes to unlock their account. Until this number is reached, Recipients who try to unlock the account will simply get a message telling them that they have sent a notification of the death of the account holder to the other Recipients. They will not yet be able to see any of the entries created for them.
    Note: If a Recipient completes this action at the wrong time (the account holder is still alive), the account holder will be notified and.

    Notification sent.

  2. Enough Recipients have completed the process, but there is a time delay.
    A YouDeparted member has the option to set a time delay on the unlocking of their account. If set, when the minimum number of Recipients needed to unlock has been reached, the time delay will immediately start ticking down and the account will be unlocked after the specified amount of time.

    Time Delay.

  3. The Account is Unlocked!
    If no time delay was set and the minimum number of Recipients is achieved, the account will be unlocked.

    Unlock Successful.


Releasing The Information Once the account is unlocked, you will be able to retrieve the entries the account holder made for you.

  1. Viewing The Plan
    When the account is unlocked, login to the Management Center, and you will see a button named View Plan which you can click to see the entries saved for you.

    View Plan.

  2. What You Will See
    You will now be able to see the information and instructions left for you. The following example is just one of many possible entries.

    A valuable entry!