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Letters - Mail Later and Mail Now

The Letters category allows you to send actual paper mail to someone's mailbox, PO Box, or physical address.

Here is how it works:

Please note: You will not see the Mail Now button unless you have purchased Letter Credits. Once the Letter Credits are zero, the button will not appear until you purchase more Letter Credits.

Instructions: After using the Buy Credits, click on the Letters tab and you will see the Mail Now button.

  1. You purchase Letter Credits for $1.50. One Letter Credit allows you to send one letter.
  2. You write your letter and choose the destination address.
  3. You either save letters to be sent after you pass away, or you can send letters now.
  4. Your letter is printed, placed in an envelope, postage is applied, and we put it in the mail for you.
  5. In a few days, your letter is received.

Mail Later
Add letters that you want sent after you pass away to the "Mail Later" section. When your account is unlocked following your death, all of the letters you have stored in the "Mail Later" section will automatically be mailed.
*IMPORTANT: For your letters to be sent, you must have purchased enough Letter Credits. For example: If you store 20 letters in the "Mail Later" section but only have 10 Letter Credits, then only 10 of your letters will be sent out.

Mail Now
You can use YouDeparted to send physical letters immediately. Often, people appreciate real, physical mail more than e-mail, so use the letters section to send anything special.