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Help Creating, Editing, and Moving Entries The following guide demonstrates how to create, edit and move entries in your YouDeparted account.
    Creating entries
  1. Selecting a Category
    Lets go through the process of making an entry in one of the sections. Lets start with Personal. Select Personal as shown in the picture below.
    Select category

  2. The Category Entries Screen
    Once you click on the Personal category, you will now see the following screen:
    Select entry type.

  3. Creating an Entry
    Now we will make an actual entry for our Family Members. Click on Add New on the Family Members section. You will be taken to a screen where you can enter information. Notice there is already some information filled below - this is a Template used to help enter the appropriate information.
    Create your entry.
    These templates help you organize your information. For example, any time you add a new Family Member, you will see the same screen below. If you want to use the template, go ahead and make entries by each line item. Or you can simply delete the template information and add the entry as you like. See the examples below.

  4. Working With the Template
    Here we have used the template and simply added our own information:
    Use the template.

  5. Use, Modify or Delete the Template
    You also have the option of erasing the template and filling in just what you want:
    Use the template.
    All of your entries are made in a similar way: they start with a template which you have the option of using, modifying, or simply entering your own text as shown above.

  6. Add Recipients
    The Recipients you add to an entry are the ones that will be able to view that entry when your account is unlocked. You can add from zero to all of your Recipients to an entry. Below, we added the Recipients "Mr. Demonstration" and "Attorney."
    Adding Recipients.

  7. Add Email Recipients
    You can have copies of an entry sent by email. You should use this feature if there is someone you want to send information to after you pass away, but do not want to add as an official Recipient to your account. Below we add two email addresses, separated by a comma:
    Adding Email Recipients.

  8. Saving the Entry
    Once you have finished working on the entry and selected Recipients, simply click the Add Entry button. You can always come back and edit the entry later.
    Save the Entry

    Editing Entries
  1. Next to an entry, simply click the Edit button.
    Editing an Entry.

  2. Make your changes, then click the Update Entry button and the entry will be saved.
    Updating an Entry.


    Moving Entries

  1. Next to an entry, click the Move button and a popup will be generated where you can move the entry.
    Moving an entry.

  2. Select a new category.
    Moving an entry - select category.

  3. Select a New Subcategory.
    Moving an entry - select subcategory.

  4. Click Move and the entry will be moved to the new location!
    Moving an entry - move it!