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Getting Started Guide
  1. After Signing Up
    After you complete the signup process and your credit card has been successfully charged, you will be directed to a page where your SECRET KEY is displayed As part of our ultra-secure system, if you lose your SECRET KEY, the information you stored in your account will be unrecoverable.  We use the same encryption technology the US Government uses to send TOP SECRET documents across unsecured lines, and therefore only you with your SECRET KEY will ever be able to see what you have stored in your YouDeparted account. Be sure to keep a copy of your SECRET KEY in a safe place.

  2. Sign In
    Go to our Secure Member Sign In Page and enter your Username, Password and SECRET KEY.  If you find it tedious entering this information every time you use YouDeparted, download a free tool called RoboForm that will securely and automatically fill the fields for you.  Check out RoboForm at this link.

  3. My Home
    After signing in, you will be taken to your home page at YouDeparted.  From this starting point you have access to your Account Center and to all of the categories where you will later enter information and instructions to be stored for your survivors.  For now, click Account Center.

  4. Account Center
    Your Account Center is where you complete all the administrative tasks on your account. You can change your password, change your SECRET KEY, manage images, relock your account, edit your billing information, view/edit Recipients (the individuals who can start the unlock process on your account), view/edit your time delay, and view a summary of all the information you have stored at YouDeparted.  Since it is your first time here, you should start by Adding Recipients.

  5. Adding Recipients
    Click the view/edit Recipients button in the Account Center. Specify a number of Recipients who will have the power to collectively unlock your account. When you add a Recipient, they will receive an email with instructions to securely submit a verification of death to YouDeparted.  When enough Recipients have completed this process (you specify the minimum number required), your information and instructions will be released.  Letters, emails, notifications, last words and everything else you leave behind will be automatically delivered.

  6. Creating Entries
    Once you have added Recipients, it is time to start adding entries. Go back to My Home and start with whichever category you like.  There are several categories and within each are sections where you can create entries. For example, the Financial Category contains a section called Bank Accounts where you can enter details about your bank accounts. Each entry comes with a custom template which you can use, modify or delete.  You can start working on a particular entry, save it, then return to work on it more later. For more information on creating entries, see the Creating Entries guide.

  7. Keep Your Account Current
    Filling out your YouDeparted account with all the information you want passed on will take an investment of time, but the return for your survivors will be very well worth this investment.  In order to ensure they receive the best information possible, be sure to update your account whenever something in your life changes.  We hope YouDeparted will also act as a personal reference so keeping your information current will benefit you too.