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You can store copies of your will, trust, health documents, pictures and many other types of files. If you don't have copies of your documents in a computer format, you can use a digital camera or scanner to make copies of your documents and then store them on our site. Often the creator of these documents can send you the original file by email. You can also use compression programs like Winzip to compress many documents so they take up less space. Please note: Copies of many legal documents are not legal. Please consult with your attorney for more information.

Storage Sizes
  • 1000KB (1MB) - stores about 14 optimized pictures (70KB each), or 25 pages of Word documents.
  • 1000KB (20MB) - stores about 280 optimized pictures (70KB each), or 500 pages of Word documents.
  • 1000MB (1GB) - stores about 14,250 optimized pictures (70KB each), or 25,000 pages of Word documents.
  • 2000MB (2GB) - stores about 28,500 optimized pictures (70KB each), or 50,000 pages of Word documents.
  • 5000MB (5GB) - stores about 71,250 optimized pictures (70KB each), or 125,000 pages of Word documents.

If you upgrade your storage size after you sign up, the pricing will be prorated for the remainder of your subscription period.