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Time Zone

Choose the correct Time Zone for the area where you live. When entries are time stamped, they will be your local time. If no time zone is entered, all entries will default to Eastern Standard Time (US).

Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)
Definition: Since 1972, the world has used UTC = Coordinated Universal Time. Yes, the order of the letters looks wrong, but that is the official acronym and English name. UTC seconds have a fixed duration, exactly the same as atomic seconds. And, in order to keep UTC synchronized to the revolution of the Earth, we have a leap second every few years.

GMT = Greenwich mean time.
This was the standard time for the world, until 1972. All time zones were GMT plus or minus some time, usually some number of hours.

The table below shows the UTC offset for the World.

Time Zone Hours from UTC
Intl DateLine UTC -12 hours
Midway UTC -11 hours
Hawaii-Aleutian Time UTC -10 hours
Alaska Time UTC -9 hours
Pacific Time (USA) UTC -8 hours
Mountain Time (USA) UTC -7 hours
Central Time (USA) UTC -6 hours
Eastern Time (USA) UTC -5 hours
Atlantic Time UTC -4 hours
Greenland UTC -3 hours
Mid-Atlantic UTC -2 hours
Azores UTC -1 hours
UK Time UTC 0 hours
Central European Time UTC +1 hours
E Europe Time UTC +2 hours
E Europe Summer Time UTC +3 hours
Yerevan UTC +4 hours
Islamabad UTC +5 hours
Almaty UTC +6 hours
Thailand UTC +7 hours
Western Australia UTC +8 hours
Japan UTC +9 hours
Eastern Australia UTC +10 hours