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View/Edit Recipients

The following questions are answered on this page:

What Are "Recipients?"
"Recipients" are individuals you choose who are responsible for unlocking your account and releasing the information you have stored. Your Recipients are the primary beneficiaries of the information you store at YouDeparted.


How do I add a Recipient?
1. In your Account Center, click the View/Edit Recipients Button.

Add a Recipient.

2. On the following page, you can add Recipients by clicking the Add a Recipient button.
Note: Your Recipient is NOT notified when you add them as we leave telling them about your YouDeparted account up to you.

Add a Recipient.

3. Now you will see the following screen which you should fill out with accurate information for your Recipient.
Note: Do not use your account username for any of your Recipients. Assign each Recipient a unique username and be sure to note it. You can always view their username in your View/Edit Recipients area.

Add Recipient information.

4. Once you are finished, click the Add New Recipient button, and you will see the following screen. Again, they will NOT be notified, only you.

Your recipient is now added.

5. You will be sent an email with a password and instructions for the Recipient.

Your recipient password and instructions are sent to your email.

6. When you are ready to tell them about your YouDeparted account, forward them the instructions along with their login information. Their login information is comprised of the username you assigned them, the password sent in the email, and the Secret Key to your account.
Note: Your Recipient will now be able to login to their management center, but they will not be able to see any of your entries except for Messages and Directives.


How do I modify or delete a Recipient?
1. In the example above, click on the button georgesmith1 and you will see the following screen.

Edit or delete a Recipient.

2. To modify, make your changes then click Update Recipient. Note:You cannot change the recipient's username.

3. To delete the Recipient, click the Delete Recipient button. Note: if you delete a Recipient, this Recipient will be removed from all of your entries.


How do my Recipients use YouDeparted?
When you add a Recipient, we send you an email containing their login information. When you are ready, explain to them your membership at YouDeparted and forward them their login information. They can login at and access the Recipient Management Center for your account. From this Center they can verify that they have successfully logged in, communicate with you using the Messages feature, view your Directives, Unlock your account, and view the information you have left for them.


How is my Account Unlocked?
From the View/Edit Recipients page, you specify the minimum number of Recipients necessary to unlock your account. Once the minimum number have attempted unlocking, your account will be unlocked. If you specified a time delay for release of information, your Recipients will be able to access the information you stored for them, and your emails and letters will be sent after that delay. For more information about how the unlocking process works go to: Unlocking Your Account.


What if my Recipients try to unlock my account when I'm still alive by accident or on purpose?
Whenever an unlocking attempt is made, you will receive notification by email. Although rare, accidents and maliciousness do happen. If so, be sure to login to your Account Center and click the "Relock Account" button. Contact the Recipient(s) who tried to wrongly unlock your account, and if necessary delete them.