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YouDeparted keeps your account secure. Protecting your information is of the utmost importance. That is why YouDeparted employs the latest security technologies, hired security professionals, and the daily scanning technology of HackerStopper to keep your information secure. We use 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the same encryption technology the US Government's NSA uses to protect highly classified information.

See how AES works

Do you want to see how YouDeparted encrypts your data? Enter a message below and then click the Encrypt button. This is how your entries are encrypted on our site.


Here is how the process works:

Secret Key – When you sign up, you create a unique secret key. For example, I like t@ sk1.

Login – To view and edit your information you will need to login to your account using a username, password, and Secret Key. Without your Secret Key, your encrypted data is impossible to decipher.

Encryption – All of your information is encrypted and stored in a completely unreadable format. For example, if you enter your credit card information as:

Card type: Visa
Card number: 1234 1234 1234 1234
Card expiration: 05/10

This information will be encrypted and stored as:

?HX?9229694696b319357c04cddaf6f6d0e191e69c629a72cc50c3e327848f05 5267a175562ded92eb8b9352841b888ed0304c3cf5152af6352d294b0d058754 da59dad3f16494373f1947738d5305630973f75f6f47b256c39b7f9612d12bc1 4fe6eafcddb8b1c316f5f97fb78fa23f43de?H

Accessing your information- When you want to view the information you have stored in your account, your login information will unscramble it back into a readable format.

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