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The site map for YouDeparted is split between the public areas and the member areas. Non-members can see what the member areas look like by using the demo.

Home - The start page, signup page and demos
Index - YouDeparted start page with basic info and links to other sections including login section.
Sign Up Now - Become a YouDeparted member.

Demo Start Page - Choose between the Account Holder or Recipient Demo

Our Service - Description of the YouDeparted service and features.
Our Service - Tells how our service works.
How it works
- Tells how our service works.
Features - About the features members get.
Legalities - About the legality of using YouDeparted.

Security - Details about how we keep our members secure.
Our Security - Basic rundown on how our advanced security works.
AES Encryption - How our encryption technology works.
Avoid Scams! - How to avoid phishing scams and keep your account safe!
10 Ways to Spot Spoofed Emails - How to tell if an email or website is spoofed

About - General information about YouDeparted including latest news and advice.
About - General info about the company.
Blog - The Before You Depart Blog - the latest news, updates, and advice from
FAQ - Frequently asked questions.
Contact us - How to contact us.
Affiliate Program - How people can make money by signing people up.
Press - in the news.
PR Info and Images - The YouDeparted PR page containing press info, screenshots and related images. - Divider Line

Member Area - Where members enter and save all the information (must be logged in to view this)

Log In - Where members securely login to their account.

My Home - Start page for YouDeparted Members
Account Center - Where you complete administrative tasks on your account.
Directives - Leave specific instructions in case your are incapacitated. Your Recipients may access these instructions without unlocking your account.
Emails - Write emails that will be automatically sent to whoever you choose after you pass away.
Estate Planning - Get organized and decide how your estate will be administered after you pass away.
Final Wishes - What those left behind should do when you are gone: funeral arrangements, obituary information, people to contact, etc.
Finance - Your Bank Accounts, Real Estate, Assets, Pensions, Businesses, Vehicles, Debts, Mortgages, Credit Cards, etc.
Gifts - Leave gifts to individuals and your favorite charity.
Insurance - List insurance policies and benefits due - Life, Homeowners, Auto, Medical, and other Insurance.
Introduction - Create an introduction letter and instructions that will be sent when you pass away.
Letters - Create and mail real letters directly from your computer. Mail letters now or save them to be mailed after you pass away.
Messages - Messages to and from your Recipients. Collaborate and communicate with your Recipients.
Passwords + Storage - Securely store passwords here. List locations and access info for safety deposit boxes, safes, etc.
Personal - Your personal information, history, family, spouse, contacts and more.
Summary - View everything in your account and how it will be distributed once you pass away.