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The YouDeparted family.
From our family to yours:a note from Collin Harris, President of

Several years ago, I came up with the idea for a website where I could store my personal details so that in the event of my death (my departure if you will), vital information and instructions would be available to my family. In October 2006, I read about a 63-year-old man who was killed while driving up to Lake Tahoe (located on the California-Nevada border). As he rounded a corner, he was struck by a large truck and was killed instantly.

I began to think; was he married? Did he have children or grandchildren? What would happen if he left no instructions? I thought about all the details, which properly given, would make it so much easier on his loved ones. This incident was the catalyst for me to launch

I have been programming since graduating from college in the late 70's (UC Berkeley and UC Boulder), and building innovative software and websites has always been a business of mine. I called my son Nick, who graduated from UC Berkeley in 2005 and was then working as an IT Technician and Environmental Scientist in the Bay Area. We discussed the idea and he immediately saw its value. He relocated to Tahoe and we began developing YouDeparted in early November of 2006.

We built from the ground up on the ability to secure vital and sensitive information, while making the site user-friendly. To ensure strict adherence to security standards and overall reliability of the program, we utilized AES encryption and had the site systematically reviewed by several top internet security professionals. In additional, our server's security is audited on a daily basis by HackerStopper.

I know you will find this site as useful as I do. I have stored all manner of personal information here including my many lock combinations, when and where the water should be shut off, property tax information, business interests, and even a list of reliable contractors and repairmen I use. Everything is here, secure, and available to my family in the event of my passing.

Welcome to the YouDeparted family. We look forward to taking care of you and yours.

Collin Harris
President (div. of Bio Pac, Inc.)