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Bringing the details of your life together with YouDeparted
Does your family know what life insurance policies you have or how to collect on them? Do they know how to access your safety deposit box? Or how to settle the details of your estate when you pass away?

Make the transition easier for them

With YouDeparted, you add information to your account, and specify what family and friends will have access to that information after you pass away. 

To make it even easier, we provide simple to use templates to assist you in gathering and adding important details such as information on your estate, finances, insurance, final wishes, and more.

Your wishes and information stored online in one place
Storing all your information in one place has never been easier than with YouDeparted. When you sign up for an account, you can add information including:

  • Copies - Store digital copies of important documents for reference.
  • Final letters and emails - Final messages for family and friends.
  • Final wishes - Funeral arrangements, eulogy, obituary, notifications.
  • Instructions - To help settle your estate, to-do's, when to pay bills.
  • Locations - Where to find important documents such as wills, trusts and insurance policies. Where your safe deposit box, keys, etc. are located.
  • Secret Info - Passwords, hidden accounts, lock combinations, etc.

Peace of mind built in with rock-solid security features
Everything you store at YouDeparted is protected with the strongest security available. By using the same encryption technology the National Security Agency (NSA) uses to transmit classified documents, you can rest assured that even your most sensitive of information will remain safe. Guaranteed.
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Releasing your information
As a member, you will specify one or more Recipients who will have the power to release information by unlocking your account.  When the Recipients specified log in and request your account to be unlocked, the information and instructions you stored can be released.  Letters, emails, notifications, last words and everything else you leave behind will be automatically delivered as per your instructions.
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Make the right choice
All of the instructions and information you leave behind will be greatly appreciated.  Whether you simply decide to store a few reassuring letters to friends and family or all the details of your estate, your family and friends will benefit from your membership at YouDeparted.
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