Top page border. is not intended as legal advice. It is provided solely for members as a place to store important personal information and to have that information available after they pass away. offers no legal expertise and therefore can not draft legal documents such as Wills or Trusts which dispose of property after your death. Generally, a Will or Trust specifies how your property is divided among your heirs such as relatives and friends after your death. Wills and Trusts are used to minimize taxes on your estate as well. There are very specific and detailed guidelines which must be followed to create such valid documents. In most cases, expert legal advice is very helpful if not absolutely necessary. If you die without making valid documents such as Wills or Trusts, the state government will disperse and tax your assets and belongings for you according to the law, no matter what you wrote down in

So, please understand that merely tries to help you keep a record and access your belongings such as email accounts, storage lockers, keys for your boats and cars and planes, safes, and even your pets, magazine subscriptions, private collections, etc. helps to provide the information needed to locate and collect all the "little details" which make up your life.