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Here is an overview of how YouDeparted works including graphics and screen shots. If you want to see how it works first hand, try the Demo.


The first question everyone asks is how YouDeparted knows you have passed away:
When you pass away, your Recipients will unlock your account. Once a minimum number (set by you) of Recipients sign in and confirm your death, your account will be unlocked after a time delay (which can be set by you). The information and instructions you saved will be sent to your family and friends.
Note: For more information about how the unlocking process works, see the Unlocking Your Account guide. - Divider Line

Recipients:You add Recipients to your account and on every entry you specify which Recipients will be granted access to that information.
Note: For more information about Recipients, see our Recipient Guide. - Recipients - Divider Line

You have information you would like family and friends to receive in the event of your death:

  • Copies - Store digital copies of important documents for reference.
  • Final letters and emails - Final messages for family and friends.
  • Final wishes - Funeral arrangements, eulogy, obituary, notifications.
  • Instructions - To help settle your estate, to-do's, when to pay bills.
  • Locations - Where to find important documents such as wills, trusts and insurance policies. Where your safe deposit box, keys, etc. are located.
  • Secret Info - Passwords, hidden accounts, lock combinations, etc. - Divider Line

You signup and become a member of

Signing up is easy.

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Create entries using categories and templates which will help you organize your information. Store anything and everything!
Note: For more information, see our Detailed instructions on creating entries.

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To see a demonstration, please see the Recipient Demo.