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Based on common questions, we have developed this Frequently Asked Questions section to help you find answers. If you feel there is something we should add here, please contact us!

1. Is my credit card information safe?

Yes, we encrypt your payment details.

2. Does your service help me organize my information for Will creation?

A Will is a legal document created with the help of an advisor and signed by witnesses. Our site helps you in the creation of your Will, but does the not replace the legal Will document. You should hire competent advisors to assist you in the creation of a legal Will.

3. How much does it cost to become a member?

Our plans start at $9.95 per year.

4. Is it possible for my information to be lost or destroyed?

All of your data is backed up and securely stored in an encrypted format at more than one location. We use the best technology, professionally managed in a secure data center with the following features:

-24/7 server monitoring

-24/7 Professional server administrators

-Frequent off-site backups

-Uninterruptible power supplies (battery back-up and generator powered)

-Advanced fire suppression

5. What is meant by Recipients?

Recipients are the individuals you add to your account who have the ability to unlock it when you pass away. They are the individuals you want to receive messages and information after you pass away. When you create content on, you will have the option of designating which Recipient(s) information is sent to. You designate the minimum number of Recipients it will take to unlock your account. When the minimum number of Recipients you have specified log in and request your account to be unlocked, the information and instructions you stored can be released.�

6. What if I lose my secret key?

If you lose your secret key, there is absolutely no way to regain access to your account. We DO NOT keep copies of your key. If you lose your key, contact us and we will set up a new account for you at no additional cost.