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About YouDeparted | Q&A With CEO Collin E. Harris | Screenshots and Photos

 About YouDeparted : enables individuals and their families to prepare for unexpected events, such as natural disasters, accidents, and death. It can be used to securely store and retrieve vital information including copies of passports, credit cards, insurance policies, and travel itineraries. If a member passes away, designated family and friends can unlock the account to access important details, instructions, personal messages, letters, and pictures. Developed by expert programmers in collaboration with security professionals and attorneys, uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect every account. Visit for more information and a demo.

Q&A with CEO Collin E. Harris:

What is organizes everything you want your family to know when you pass away, and makes it available to them after you depart this life. The service functions as a highly-secure electronic safe deposit box that is easily accessible from the web at any time. After you pass away, designated friends and family unlock your account to retrieve the information, instructions and messages you've created to guide and reassure them. You can also use the service on a day-to-day basis to securely store and retrieve your own essential information.

How would I use your service?
Simple-to-use templates walk you through all the steps of gathering and organizing important details such as how to pay bills, access online accounts, run your business, claim insurance policies, where to find legal documents, your living will, and more. You create emails and letters that will be sent after your passing and attach pictures, photos, videos and audio files to them. You use the service regularly to keep everything up-to-date and as a personal electronic safe deposit box. When you pass away, your survivors can retrieve everything you left for them, helping them and reassuring them through this difficult time.

How secure is it to store that kind of information online? was built to be utterly secure by expert programmers and security professionals. We have taken the following steps to keep you and your data safe:

  1. Your account uses the same 256-bit encryption technology as the US military.
  2. To login you must know your password AND a secret key.
  3. Your connection to our secure servers is always encrypted using 128bit SSL.
  4. Ongoing backups prevent data loss during a hardware failure and/or disaster.
  5. 24/7 server monitoring, uninterruptible power supplies, and closed circuit cameras in secure, guarded, data centers keep our servers running and safe.
  6. Security professionals routinely monitor the site for vulnerabilities.
  7. runs extensive daily security audits on our site.

Is YouDeparted like an online will or trust?
No – YouDeparted helps organize the details needed for a will or trust, but the service is more about communicating personal messages and acting as a reference and a guide.

How did you come up with the idea to create this service?
I thought about the idea a few years back because I wanted to make sure my family of five knew what to do if I died, and at the time, they did not. I wanted a secure website where I could store instructions, business information, and the details of my life for them.

Is YouDeparted useful for travelers?
Yes, it is very useful for travelers! Our service allows you to safely keep copies of your passport, credit cards, insurance policies and important phone numbers which are essential for any savvy traveler. Travelers can rest assured knowing that if they lose luggage or are victims of theft, they have everything they need in their YouDeparted account.

How much does it cost?
See our signup page for current pricing.

Who will benefit from using YouDeparted?
With over 70 million baby boomers in the United States alone, and millions of travelers and people simply seeking a secure place online to store and retrieve information, YouDeparted is a great service for a wide range of people.

Once I pass away, how do my survivors get the information I left for them?
When you set up your account, you assign trusted family members and friends as Recipients, and you specify how many it takes to unlock your account. When you pass away, your information is released to all Recipients as soon as enough of them attempt to unlock your account. Also, your letters and emails are automatically delivered.

What if one of my Recipients tries to unlock my account while I am still alive?
With the YouDeparted time-delay feature, every unlocking attempt generates a notice which is immediately sent to the account holder, so you have time to prevent your account from being unlocked and to figure out why your Recipient tried to unlock it.

What happens if shuts down?
We are very confident in our business model, but if for some unforeseen reason we have to shut down the service, every member will be given several months of advance notice in order to retrieve their information, and their accounts will be prorated.

 Screen Shots + Photos:

  1. YouDeparted Home Page: JPG | PNG
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  2. My YouDeparted Home - Starting point for members : JPG | PNG
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  3. Example of a category - The "Introduction" category: JPG | PNG
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  4. Example of creating an entry - Creating a cover letter for the family: JPG | PNG
    Creating a cover letter- thumbnail
  5. Summary of the account - Everything the member has entered: JPG | PNG
    Summary of the Account- thumbnail
  6. Recipient unlocks the account - The Recipient can now view the information: JPG | PNG
    Account Unlocked - thumbnail
  7. Photo of CEO Collin E. Harris: JPG | PNG
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