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Be wary of fraudulent email.

A fraudulent or spoofed email pretends to be from a site you are a member of in an attempt to get personal information from you.   Then they take over your account and can view your information.  You should always be careful about who you give your information to.

You have the power to prevent scammers from affecting you.
Spoofed, or “phishing,” emails, and the spoofed websites they direct you to, are deceptive in appearance.  However, you will always be able to spot content that reveals they are fake if you know how to look. 

Know how to spot a spoofed email.

  1. Generic Greetings – Many spoofed emails begin with a general greeting, such as: “Dear YouDeparted Member.”  A real email from us will always be addressed to your name.
  2. A False sense of urgency – Most spoofed emails try to deceive you with the threat that your account is in jeopardy if you do not update or modify it soon.  If you get an email that asks you to renew a subscription or change your information, NEVER click on the link in the e-mail.  To make any changes to your account, always login to your account yourself.
  3. Fake links – The text in a link may on first glance look valid, but then send you to a spoofed website.  Always check where a link goes before you click it.  To do this, move your mouse over the link and look at the URL in your browser or email status bar.  If you do click a link, make sure that the URL in the address bar of your internet browser is correct before you do anything on that site.

Learn more about how to spot spoofed emails.
Read our guide that lists 10 ways to spot spoofed emails and websites.

We will never ask you the following questions in an email:
Your username, password or secret key
Credit and debit card numbers
Bank account numbers
Driver’s License numbers
Email addresses
Your name

Report spoofed email and websites it to us.
If you get a spoofed email or find a website that pretends to be YouDeparted, forward the entire email or the website address to us at [email protected].  We take spoofing scams very seriously and will investigate every spoof you report.

More Information. - A good wikipedia article about spoofed emails and “Phishing” scams - The Anti-Phishing Working Group guide to avoiding scams.