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Adding the YouDeparted Affiliate Link

Thanks for signing up for the YouDeparted Affiliate program. Should you ever forget your Affiliate # or your password, please contact us and we will send you back the information. 

Tips for Maximum Sales
If you just place a banner on the page, our site will receive hits, but very few sales. If you write an endorsement of the product, you will increase your sales dramatically.

Step One
Decide if you want to use a banner or a text link. You use the following banner ads on your page. Feel free to adjust them to fit your site:

Graphic #1 - 120 x 60 pixels 

Graphic #2 - 120 x 60 pixels 

Graphic #3 - 238 x 41 pixels 

Graphic #4 - 477 x 82 pixels

Step Two
Shown below is the code you need to place on your web page. You need to know your affiliate number and replace the XXXX below with your number. You can copy and paste the code below to put on your site. First, you must use a web editor like Front Page. Next, highlight the code below with your mouse and while the code is highlighted, press Ctrl-C which copies the code below. Now move the code to where you want the link to be and press Ctrl-V which will copy the code. Preview the page, load it on your server and you are done! When anyone clicks on the banner ad and places an order, you will receive a commission of $5.00.

<a href=""> <img border="0" src=""" alt="YouDeparted Planning" width="477" height="82"></a>

Changing the graphic
To change the graphic, substitute as follows:

Graphic #1:

Graphic #2:

Graphic #3:

Graphic #4:

You change the line in the code above starting with:
to one of the three pictures shown above. You are welcome to change the img src to another location.

Generating the code

If you are unsure how to modify the line above, use the following button to generate your affiliate code to place on your site.

 Enter your Affiliate Number:

Checking your Account
You can log in anytime and check the number of hits your link has produced, the number of orders placed, commissions due and the total amount paid to you by logging into your account. Commission checks are paid monthly by the 15th of the month for the previous month. Make sure you make any address changes necessary so your checks can be delivered!

You must have a PayPal® account to become a YouDeparted affiliate.We only make payments to our affiliates using PayPal®. We do not send out checks.