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YouDeparted Newsletter, Aug 2007

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From the CEO
The Importance of Recipients
Time Delay
Advanced Directives

From the CEO:
Welcome to the first edition of the YouDeparted newsletter. Our goal is to make this newsletter informative and interesting. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and we always return emails. Just use the contact form inside your account to let us know your thoughts. Thanks for your support!

Collin Harris

The Importance of Recipients
Many of you have set up your accounts recently. Make sure you have set up and notified your Recipients. Without any Recipients, none of your information can be made available should something happen to you. Also, if you have Recipients, make sure they know how to unlock your account! Each Recipient has a separate username and password which is linked to your account. Make sure each Recipient has a copy of your Secret Key. I would encourage you to have them respond to your request for Verification.

As you know, you can set up Recipients and unless you notify them, they will not have their login information. This does not give them access to your account, it only allows them to start the unlocking process. For more information about recipients, visit the Recipient help.

Time Delay
When you register for a YouDeparted account, we automatically set the Time Delay to 3 days. What this means is if all your Recipients start and complete unlocking process, the information will still not be released until 3 days after the last Recipient logs in. This is a safety feature in case your Recipients try to unlock the account early. Should your Recipients attempt to unlock the account, you and the other Recipients will receive email notifications. Should this happen to you while still alive, it's time to get new Recipients! Remove them from the account and use the Relock button to relock the account. More about the Time Delay.

Did you know you can mail physical letters from your YouDeparted account? This is particularly useful traveling abroad when you need to have a letter delivered here in the United States in a timely manner. Log in in to your account and select the Letters section and follow the onscreen instructions. Each letter costs $1.50 and you must purchase at least 5 Letter Credits in advance. (Each Letter Credit is good for mailing one letter up to four pages long).

Letters can also be mailed once your account is unlocked. If you plan on having any letters mailed after you pass away, make sure you have purchased enough Letter Credits to cover all the letters you wish to mail. More about Letters.

Advanced Directives
These are legal documents that allow you to convey your decisions about end-of-life care ahead of time. If you set up Advanced Directives on our site, your Recipients can access these documents without unlocking the account. Your relatives will appreciate this type of information so they can avoid making these painful decisions. You should discuss this issue with your care provider and attorney.

Another feature of your account is the ability to message back and forth with your Recipients. For example, you can enter instructions into your account, move them to the message section and have your Recipients review them to make sure they are clear. Login to your account and click the Message section for more instructions.